1. Circuit Weaver 3D 1.0

Circuit Weaver 3D 1.0 by Thomas Plesko
Windows | 8.3MB | Shareware | October 1, 2003
Circuit Weaver 3D is an original puzzle game, taking place in awesome 3D environments, with arcade quality special effects. Help Robi the Robot save his home world in this 3D puzzle game by guiding him to the shield generators.
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2. HAMIC 1.0

HAMIC 1.0 by SweetScape
Windows | 1.17MB | Shareware | July 18, 2002
The HAM Intelligent Calculator, also called HAMIC, is designed to aid HAM radio operators perform a number of calculations. This includes simple circuits (e.g. resistors), complex circuits (e.g. L networks), or other calculations (e.g. SWR).
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3. Troubleshooting Basic Electrical Circuit 3.20

Troubleshooting Basic Electrical Circuit 3.20 by Business Industrial Network
Windows | 19.84MB | Demo | October 24, 2009
Troubleshooting - Basic Electrical Circuits System with Circuit Simulation
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4. Circuit Weaver 1.0

Circuit Weaver 1.0 by
Windows | 518KB | Freeware | June 18, 2006
Circuit Weaver is a completely original game in which you move your energy mass around a circuit by rearranging the circuit elements. Free!
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5. eSketch 2.24

eSketch 2.24 by Schematica Software
Windows | 3.56MB | Shareware | June 18, 2013
Electronic circuit simulator with rapid schematic capture and many simulation features including Monte Carlo analysis, Parameter Sweep analysis, Pole-Zero calculation, multiple voltage probes, input impedance, real and ideal op amp models.
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6. 555 Timer PRO 3.1

555 Timer PRO 3.1 by Schematica Software
Windows | 4.06MB | Shareware | January 10, 2013
555 Timer PRO provides an array of design wizards, circuit blocks and information panels that facilitate the use of the 555 timer. Component value calculations for the 555 take into account the supply voltage and timer fabrication (CMOS or Bipolar).
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7. PowerVue Circuit Analyzer 6.25

PowerVue Circuit Analyzer 6.25 by Megasys Software
Windows | 10.96MB | Shareware | September 8, 2009
Highly versatile and easy to use, PowerVue was designed for use on most electrical design and analysis applications. Use it for commercial building services, industrial plants, distribution systems, power factor correction.
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8. DC Circuits Challenge 5.1

DC Circuits Challenge 5.1 by ETCAI Products
Windows | 2.99MB | Commercial | September 9, 2011
This interactive computer program consists of twenty activities to help teach DC circuit analysis and troubleshooting. Troubleshooting activities include voltmeter and ammeters to use in testing circuits.
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9. AC Circuits Challenge 5.1

AC Circuits Challenge 5.1 by ETCAI Products
Windows | 3.09MB | Commercial | September 9, 2011
This interactive computer program consists of several circuit analysis activities. Realistic troubleshooting activities are also included involving resistors, capacitors, inductors and transformers.
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10. ViaDesigner 2012.2.1

ViaDesigner 2012.2.1 by ViaDesigner, Inc.
Windows | 793.16MB | Shareware | February 5, 2013
Complete mixed signal electronic circuit schematic capture and simulation software. Combine schematics, SPICE, VHDL, Verilog & VHDL-AMS in a unified design and simulation environment. Powerful and easy-to-use design wizards kick start your design.
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